2016: Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy 2016 to all around the world!

This past year is been a huge part in the growth of my blog. To ramble about the statistics, we nearly doubled the of amount  views  [580 (2014) to 1054 (2015)] and doubled the amount of visitors [247 (2014) to 402 (2015)]. I’d say it was a fine year if you asked me. 

However it is time to move forward from the past and think about the future. This year I want to do something greater than the past two. Last year my commitments were an utter failure  and for all of the support on the Facebook page with a milestone of 175 likes, I am ashamed. So this year I am going to make it up to each and everyone who has viewed or is viewing my blog for the first time. Here I go.

For receiving the initial 150 likes on my Facebook page, I will be doing posts at a minimum of three (3) times a month as promised. I said I would and I will do it with the exception of unforseen circumstances. Beginning Monday, January 11 at 3AM PST, I will be posting solutions to the problems in Munkres Topology as I finish each problem that seems important to me and you one-by-one. I received a physical copy of the text thanks to Amazon and my parents so now I can work on Topology without having to stare into a screen all day. For my other posts, they will be on things that pretain to what I am currently learning and working on. Next, l would like suggestions because viewer participate is always highly encouraged.

That is just about it for this update. Hope everyone continues to have a great year as we\to2017. But let’s not think about that year just yet…


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