Fifty-Six Days of Research & Poster Sessions

It has been quite some time since the last time I blogged and I apologize for the moment where I broke my what I think was a consistent posting schedule. With the past fifty-two days I have had nearly no sleep what-so-ever because I was on a time crunch for my research paper “Category-Theoretic Generalization of Higman’s Lemma Admits Applicability and Constructive Proof.” The first-third of the fifty-two days was used to just figure out how to prove the final statement of my main result, which turned out to be a quite perfect for how elegantly all the concepts ended up fitting into place. The second-third was all about TeX’ing my paper day-in and day-out and getting it torn apart by two professors from here and Massachusetts, and my mentor in Ohio. They are the biggest reasons why I have accomplished so much.  After all the words and diagrams that I have written and drawn, I finally had something that I was ready to present to undergraduate and graduate students, and professors. So for the final-third of this research marathon, I presented my paper in poster sessions. One in particular, the Spring 2016 Meeting of the Southern California-Nevada Section of the Mathematical Association of America, was a wonderful experience because I gained so many connections and absorbed so much advice that I hope to discuss in the future. In addition I was awarded the Meritorious Award for my research and poster session presentation at the meeting.

In terms of the blogging schedule, I will keep with the same schedule at the best of my ability. The we will resume our expository posts on Thursday and go from there.


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