Interesting and Useful Links

Here I will be linking some, as described in the section title, “interesting, useful” links that have either helped me or made me curious.

  • Math Stack Exchange: (Useful) This is “a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields.”
  • MathOverflow: (Useful) This is “a forum to ask and answer research level mathematics questions.
  • The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.: (Interesting) This is just an interesting link link that I love very much by Matt Might. It is truly a pitch perfect representation of what getting a Ph.D. is really about.
  • Latex Symbols (PDF): (Useful) I just found this link while looking for the Latex code for greek symbols and thought that this link involving what I would say is “all” the mathematical symbols possible to render in the Latex programming language.
  • Mathgen: (Interesting) This is a fun website for just fooling around with randomly-generated research papers that absolutely make no sense!
  • Dropbox: (Useful) This is a great environment for storing documents of all shapes and forms for all your needs. Personally, I use this website for storing almost everything and it really makes all my resources organized and easy to get to from virtually any device.
  • QuickLaTeX: (Useful) This is a great resource for people who want to add certain LaTeX to your blogs that cannot be directly implemented into your WordPress editor.
  • Categories List: (Useful) If you are a category-theorist, this is a great place for everything from posting on concepts of categories to finding conferences directed towards category theory.

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